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Opening SOP

SOP Opening 

Daily OPENING procedure

  1. Earlier 15 minutes to do Opening, Open Shop.

  2. Thumbprint check in.

  3. Turn on cashier, Login cashier & Count Opening balance make sure it is RM300.

  4. Take out Coconut Fleshes to unfreeze.

  5. Pour the water from the ice pail below.

  6. Place the Plastic rubbish.

  7. Clean up the spaces and table rack.

  8. Wash all the equipment and blenders.

  9. Take out Paste and Coconut Water, taste it.

  10. Clean up all the ingredient containers/sources squeezer.

  11. Know the ingredients.

  12. Everyday taste all the ingredients including paste, coconut water, coconut flesh, cendol, red bean, matcha….. (Throw it if it turn sour/unfresh)

  13. Wash Ingredients (cendol, red bean, toddy palm). 

  14. Take topping, sources, coconut flesh and ingredients put at the original place. 

  15. Check whether Pudding & Jelly left how many.

  16. Clean up the chiller & freezer.

  17. Fill up all the cups, lids and straws.

  18. Add on Ice to Ice bin.

  19. Sweep Floor make sure it is clean.

  20. Mop the floor.

  21. Wear up the apron, cap, and mask.

  22. Turn on Delivery App ( FoodPanda, Grab, ShopeeFood……)

  23. We're Open!