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Hygiene & Quality Control

Hygiene & Quality Control

Self Hygiene

  • Always on tudung / neat hair. (Female)

  • Always on cap. (Male)

  • Always on Uniform, Long pants & Sport Shoes.

  • Put on an apron before work.

  • Fingernails must be short and clean.

Surrounding Hygiene

  • Sweep and mop the floor daily, making sure the floor is always dry and clean.

  • Clean the residues of coconut flakes / peanut chunks into the trash every time you finish serving.

  • Do not apply debris to the floor.

  • Wipe and clean the chiller / freezer every morning.

  • Strictly no smoking in the shop.

Food Hygiene

  • Make sure there are always no leftovers on the puree container.

  • Always change the ice cream scoop water.

  • Make sure the ice cream does not fall anywhere.

  • Be sure not to use your hands when taking ice.

  • Wash hands before touching ingredients.

Attitude as a Coco Loca Employee

  • Always be in a friendly attitude.

  • When customers come, quickly stand back to own workplace, so that customers do not look sloppy.

  • Cooperation is very important, do whatever you see, do not wait for others.

  • Take responsibility for our work.

  • Take care of our company's image.

  • Follow the rules of the company

  • Do something with effort, avoid saying CINCAI

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