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Closing SOP

SOP Closing

Daily CLOSING procedures

Before 30 minutes:  

  1. Wash all the containers & one of the blenders.
  2. Sweep the floor.
  3. Put the ingredients back into the chiller except topping.
  4. Pour the ice pail water below.
  5. Soak the clothes into a container with soap.
  6. Key in stock card.

Before 10 minutes:

  1. Started counting cash sales & remaining RM300 in cashiers.
  2. Clean up the table.
  3. Place back topping, paste, coconut water, fructose to chiller.
  4. Place back coconut flesh into the freezer.
  5. Wash all the equipment & blender.
  6. Lap the blender. 
  7. Make sure everything is in place. 
  8. Make sure the sinki is always clean.
  9. Throw the rubbish.
  10. Mop the floor.
  11. Thumbprint Check out.

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