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The Manual

Cashier SOP

Cashier SOP ENG Welcome Coco Loca Coconut, Shake Shake Shake Miss/Sir, you are so lucky our shop today’s special is Coconut Pudding Limited Edition. Miss/Sir, you are so lucky today we are doing BUY 2 FREE 1 promotion. Miss/Sir, Our HOT SA

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Things to be Cautions

Things to be Cautions Coconut Fleshes Fleshes open pack by pack. Do not mix together with the old. After washing, taste and EAT the fleshes. Smell doesn’t help in checking.  After eating, if found out the normal taste,  flesh is good.  After eati

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Hygiene & Quality Control

Hygiene & Quality Control Self Hygiene Always on tudung / neat hair. (Female) Always on cap. (Male) Always on Uniform, Long pants & Sport Shoes. Put on an apron before work. Fingernails must be short and clean. Surrounding Hygiene Sweep and

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Closing SOP

SOP Closing Daily CLOSING procedures Before 30 minutes:   Wash all the containers & one of the blenders. Sweep the floor. Put the ingredients back into the chiller except topping. Pour the ice pail water below. Soak the clothes into a container

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Opening SOP

SOP Opening  Daily OPENING procedure Earlier 15 minutes to do Opening, Open Shop. Thumbprint check in. Turn on cashier, Login cashier & Count Opening balance make sure it is RM300. Take out Coconut Fleshes to unfreeze. Pour the water from the

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